Christmas favorites! :)

  1. My Favorite Christmas song! Feliz Navidad
  2. My favorite Christmas treat is Hot coco.
  3. Favorite movie is ELF! My favorite quote is “BURPPPP….DID U HEAR THAT?!”
  4. My favorite thing to do is hang out with my best friend, we like to go sleding, drink have sparkling cider and hot coco.
  5. I really want to get a Camera, I really enjoy photography and want to that when im older, so I want this to be my starting point.
  6. Me and my dads side of the family likes to go to walmart get a bunch of gifts and give them to family’s in need, we give them backpacks, toys, and food.
  7.   .
  8. a fist bump becuse im broke
  9. christmas is not about the presents
  10. when I opend a present from my brother and he game me a bottle of musterd

Throwback Thursday

I used to love Dora but now I can’t stand it!

Another thing that I loved but now I hate was the Mickey Mouse Clubehouse theme song! It makes you feel like your stupid or something. Because it is always asking you questions like “Wheres the sheep”? when its right in front of him.

And we can not forget the classic, Gummy bare song. I remember loving this song when i was a kid but it is now kinda annoying. I could not put the music video so hear is the off brand version.

It can not be complete with out some Frozen. When I was 6 I fell in love with the “Let It GO” song from Frozen 1. I hate it now.



The first thing that I will put in my dream bed room is this really cool bed frame! But next to the bed frame I would want a mini fridge full of snacks! And sodas!


I would then put in a gaming system! I think it will be very fun to play games with your friends. so this is a MUST HAVE!


I would then put in a-lot of plants, to bring every thing together! It will be mainly hanging plants. I would put the plants in the corners of my room, kinda like tiny water falls. And I would want a huge fish tank with a secret room inside!

free wright! (but with a twist)

I don’t know what to wright about. I always have a idea for a free wright but when ever I got to wright it I forget the idea! Its to annoying. Some times i feel like throwing the computer across the room! It really sucks when all of my classmates are already done when Im JUST STARTING! So far Im almost done, so thats good! But you see Im a slow typer, well I was’t always a slow typer. You see I have a cast on my left hand. IT SUCKS! Wait a minute…this WAS MY TOPIC! I just wrought about how I never have a topic.


I never really thought about my name. But as Im writhing this I really like my name! It reminds me of an forest of Sage brush, and pine trees, and the dark green surrounding you. My mom got my name from a sign that she saw driving by. I guess its not the best back sorry but, oh-well. You see, I don’t like common names, I like rare names. And in my opinion my name is pretty rare. The only thing I don’t like about my name is, I could never find my name in name bracelets. Theirs always Sarah, Chloe, Charlie, Steve, Matt, and many more. But theirs never “Saige”. Even if their is “Saige” its always spelled “sage” and my name is spelled S A I G E.

My favorite color!

can you tell what my favorite color is?…

Its blue! I took pictures all around the school finding blue things. the first one is a blue railing, the 2nd one is a floor panel, the 3rd one is jeans, the 4th one is a letter on a poster, the 5th one is a book, and the 6th one is more words on a poster!